Welcome to the offices of Kelvin McCloud, P.I.  I’m Kelvin, a weather detective.

What’s a weather detective?  I’m glad you asked!  A weather detective isn’t your typical sort of gumshoe.  Instead, I solve crimes using knowledge of the weather and the world.   Since the earth and ocean and atmosphere are all part of one big complex system, knowing about the weather can help me unravel certain types of mysteries.  But it’s not magic.  No, it’s not witchcraft.  It’s science!

Have a weather mystery?  Please Ask a Weather Detective.  I’m happy to answer weather and science questions of all sorts.

Interested in solving a puzzle?  Try the Puzzles section.  Be warned, though: they’re not for the faint of heart!

Want to hear more about my investigations?  An associate has started to chronicle some of my more astounding cases. Check them out in the Books section.

To reveal a secret, find a way to view the background image.

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